Recent Works

Based on cooperative work and shared knowledge, Architecture Studio Calas aims to favour dialogue and debate, to transform collective knowledge into increased creative potential.



Shell for fire fighters

Invited competition for a Fire Fighters house in Lajen/ITA

The architecture accentuates the hill and offers beside the facilities an “Arena” for the village and a playground on top. Simple, efficient and straight to the point of usage.

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Pavilion and student work for the Museumsquartier / Architekturzentrum Wien

BRICKerl is a TU Wien student project in collaboration with Architekturzentrum Wien and an outcome of the studio led by the visiting lecturers Assemble together with David Calas. It is a public summer pavilion and a ceramics workshop.

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Sneak in preview:

Buchpräsentation: 16.November 2017 Buchhandlung König, Museumsquartier Wien

„A font decides about the lifetime of a book“ ::: Coming up soon- fall 2017 – our first book on ‚Experiencing architecture in Southtyrol from a different book…or angle‘ Sven Wuttej, Clemens Horvath,  Valentina Rosa,  Folio Verlag/Editore

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Appropriation of space 7/7 – Italian Embassy in Vienna, March 2017

The landscape, culture, and creative language shape the space we act and live in in the Dolomites. The surroundings are a form of inspiration, which becomes reality through a creative output. The exhibited works operate at the blurry boundaries of architecture and art, showing their dynamic spirit in a unique exhibition hosted by the Dolomites.

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Welcome to Enlight – Pavilion for the Klimahouse Fair 2017 in Bolzano

ENLIGHT wants to arouse your curiosity and offer a glimpse of tomorrow’s living. We invite you to look behind the scenes. How do you express comfort? How can technology create comfort? How much know-how can there be in a house?

ENLIGHT is an invitation to build the future with your ideas and your imagination. We create memories of the future and try to share our dreams and plans for the sustainable and creative buildings of tomorrow.

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THE 21er PAVILION 2016

Living in the Wall

Together with the Vienna University of Technology, the 21er Haus realized an experimental housing installation, which was located in the public accessible lower-level courtyard of the museum during the summer months of 2016.
How can we ensure the optimum use of living spaces? Which spatial requirements are essential in order to live cheaply and comfortably today? In times of crisis, what influence do people’s new basic needs have on the architecture of temporary housing, such as emergency shelters, on social housing or on the renovation of old urban buildings? Do we need a paradigm shift in our approach to housing?

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Appropriation of Space 7/7 – Susev Museum of Architecture Moscow/RUS, June 2016

The appropriation of space is an expression of wishful thinking that affects our private, semi-public, and public space. It is an imagined idea followed by action that becomes a dialogue in space. The focus of the interaction relates to multidisciplinary design practices and reflects the appropriation of space as a dynamic process.

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Sta|d|ttwohnen* meets #EFA16

Installation and Performance during the European Forum Alpbach 2016

It was an unusual surprise for the 33 participating students when we first introduced our design studio Sta(d)ttwohnen in March 2016. A design studio con­sisting of an excursion to Alpbach, an individually determined design approach, a communication com­ponent and finally the opening of the EFA16 Built Environment Symposium.

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MAK Vienna Exhibition contribution – Adressing the Endless House at a school for hairdressers

The Endless Stylers take Frederick Kiesler’s Endless House literally: An endless residential
structure, it lies in the endless expanse of a quiet sea: the Endless Stylers House. It’s not only possible to live in isolation, but also to party and to live well. Because this necessitates the requisite small change, the house is shaped like a dollar sign. It appears to be an absolute must for cool people to enliven the structure and celebrate their openness. There are only few options for retreat, because teens require only little rest. Light around the clock is provided by the “bling-bling” at the rager, an endless party that turns night into day.

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LISI – The house

TEAM AUSTRIA – 1st place at the Solar Decathlon 2013 Irvine/LA/USA

LISI – “Living Inspired by Sustainable Innovation” – is Austria’s contribution to the Solar Decathlon 2013 competition and a house for the future. LISI is not only firmly rooted in Austrian traditions and values, this 2-person home also
conceptually draws on key elements of Alpine culture, in particular, the meaning of trees in this country.

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Meet the Team

Studio Calas involves creative minds of different generations and nationalities,
in order to question urban planning and architecture.



As founder of STUDIO CALAS and lecturer at the technical university Vienna, David operates between the blurring boundaries of urban planning, architecture, art and politics. Involved in different projects concering the urban co-creation and digitalisation process of cities.


Project admin

At STUDIO CALAS, he gets the chance to reimagine the all-embracing profession as an architect. Beside architecture he works in the fields of graphic design, algorithmic workflows and filming to find new ways of expression.



Joining  STUDIO CALAS after prior experiences in Italy and Spain, Valentina developed a particular interest for social and sustainable architecture.
She envisions design as a process sensitive to people and their cultures, which goes beyond the limits of architecture.

Our aim

The principle of Studio Calas is the cooperative conception. From the very beginning, the practice has believed in the virtues of exchange, crossing ideas, common effort, shared knowledge and enthusiasm.
Storm Ideas
Time gives us inspiration and ideas. Actually we are craving for them!
Our visions and insights need the press to express.
We shape lectures and the lecture shapes us.

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