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In this invited Chair©ity initiative, we were asked to reinterpret the commonly known alpine farmers’ stool in a creative way. Therefore, we asked ourselves what an overused alpine kitsch element could stand for in these uncertain, unsustainable and quite dividing times. We cruised around terms like circular action, common seating and reassembling gesture. Three main core topics which we followed up with a dismantling of the given alpine stool in its basic elements and the rearrangement of these elements into a board for an enlarged seating area. This de-construction and re-construction process leaves the “one chair – one person” coinage of the original object, expanding its space of action through a simple element: The board as symbol of our fragile alpine environment, which we should touch lightly with our bodies in regard to a challenging future.



Design Team:

David Calas, Sven Wuttej, Clemens Horvath