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1st PRICE | Solardecathlon 2013

Just LISI – Living Inspired by Sustainable Innovation

Approaching a simple concept by using wood in all its facets, shaped a strong and concise statement. The success of the project was achieved by combining a vernacular material with standard-tech appliances, creating an award winning entry at the Solardecathlon edition 2013.

The biggest challenge of the heterogenous team was to design a house, which could work for Los Angeles and Vienna at the same time. The design foresaw a modular construction, making a transport possible and a fast assembling on the competition venue.

LISI consists of a central living space and two attached yards, re-interpretating the courtyard house. In extension of this open designed part a closed “core” was arranged, allowing to hide appliances and offering a proper intimacy for the bathroom and sleeping area.




Los Angeles/USA


TU Vienna/Solar Decathlon

Design Team:

Students of the TU Vienna, TU Vienna (Karin Stieldorf, Gregor Pils, Claus Schnetzer, Christoph Müller, David Calas)