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Fragments of circles and loops outline the design approach for the nature burial of the municipal cemetery of Völkermarkt in Carinthia, Austria. These geometries represent the cycle of our life and death. Gentle and modest, to linger and to commemorate. In connection with the surroundings and those who have been close to us.

The natural burial Völkermarkt design manifests itself as a spatial-atmospheric as well as expandable space. For this purpose, the simple pathway is intended to offer a sequence of different resting and memorial situations and to provide an integration of already existing elements. Existing trees and the urn wall are incorporated and gently embedded in the design.

The gently curving paths made of compacted earth/crushed stone or drainage concrete lead from the main access to the individual places of contemplation. The latter consist of a commemoration and orientation area, five urn circles around trees, a meadow and an urn wall path. The different spatial characteristics of the individual sites contribute to an intimate, yet coherent spatial experience. The orientation of the areas allows both seclusion and togetherness. The different alignments and related views to the church/chapel, reservoir and forest contribute to these qualities. The visitors of the park experience a place of being to commemorate the deceased.

The choice of materials in earthy tones blends considerately into the surroundings, creating a harmonious overall picture.





Design Team:

David Calas, Sven Wuttej, Lorenz Jocher