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The border had its own ‘show’ since 1947. Now it’s time to sew up a wound that have too long been exposed open without treatment. A wound that cannot be handled with the same pattern language of former planning approaches but demand a new type of sensitivity.
Therefore, the development vision considers cultural characteristics, landscape properties and societal aspects in the reframing of a spatial cohesion through flows, creating a merging design language for residents and visitors.
The formal expression of the urban and architectural impact seems radical but addresses, beside its functional deduced and economic properties, a sensitive way how to adapt a new common design language to an existing but renewed cultural attitude for. Re-shaping, re-linking, re-activating and re-greening measures are the overall concept drivers for the urban-cardiac-massage, around those, the heart of GO! starts to revive.




Gorizia/Gorica (ITA/SLO)

Design Team:

David Calas, Sven Wuttej, Clemens Horvath, Barbara Reiberger