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slab+ is an expandable seating design that redefines the traditional dogmas of Bèton Brut. Using new possibilities of advanced digital manufacturing technology slab+ transforms Béton Brut into a gently shaped lovely object.

The defining element of modernist architecture, the “concrete slab”, is transformed into a complex 3D shape, which has been made possible by modern 3D printing technology. Two identical slabs, each 55cm wide, 90cm long and 4cm thick – the dimensions of a conventional bench – serve as starting point for the furniture design. While the upper plate adapts to the flexible laissez-faire, the lower one acts as a static support. An act of symbiosis made possible by the interplay of modern fabrication methods. Digital tools meet analogue user behaviour. Sitting, leaning and supporting oneself on the armrest leads to a sequence of differently shaped upper slabs. Repetitive heights meet ergonomic principles and create an inviting seating furniture.
The form of the lower slab follows the lines of forces inside the structure. It is designed so that it optimally uses the physical properties of concrete in order to reduce consumption of material.
Like a “tailor-made suit” that is precisely matched to the dimensions of the body, the seating furniture – both as individual elements or combined to a lively mènage of seating components – demonstratively displays its formal simplicity. The interplay of necessity and comfort leads to this furniture series produced by the renowned Progress 3D Innovation company in Bressanone/ITA.

slab+ pushes the possibilities of Béton Brut further by using advanced digital manufacturing technology. The formal harshness and strict serialism is broken, but the character remains. The mutation to the Concrete Beau, the lovely concrete, is completed.




Fiera/Messe BZ, Progress 3D Innovation

Design Team::

David Calas, Clemens Horvath, Sven Wuttej with Christian Frieß and Ivan Bocchio


© Marco Parisi