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Textile Heritage | Active Future

About invisible building structures of the Waldviertel textile industry, hidden potentials, absent appreciation as well as realisable perspectives

The exhibition concept is based on the two-part concept of “Textile Heritage”, as a historical/architectural/infrastructural outline, and “Active Future”, as a call for the revitalisation of buildings/infrastructures formerly used for the textile industry.

The core of the exhibition is made up of displayed building structures that are part of the textile heritage of the northern Waldviertel. Presented on a long table, models and related publications invite visitors to sit down and linger. The turbulent history, architecture and photographic snapshots create a comprehensive and inclusive exhibition experience.

Interwoven with the core of the exhibition, overarching fields of action deal with the state of building culture as well as possible transformation processes, fan out around the table. The topics presented are reduced to the object of the Hirschbach textile factory by means of short texts and self-explanatory sketches and expanded with reference examples that have already been realised. The information obtained in this way is intended to stimulate, but also to sensitise for possible scenarios of use. The exhibition thus becomes a place of encounter, a space for information and reflection, as well as an extended square for dialogue around the theme of Textile Heritage | Active Future. This is one of the reasons why the exhibition design has the character of a living room and the contents shown in it have a strong connection to the materiality of textiles.

The exhibition Textile Heritage | Active Future is intended to wander, to recompose itself in other spaces in order to convey the message of the textile heritage and its potential for spatial reuse.






Self-initiated – Hans Hollein Projektstipendium

Design Team:

Barbara Reiberger, David Calas, Lorenz Jocher