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How does a store for wooden shoes from Carinthia looks like? Probably woody! The Woody brand looks back to a 100 year old history and experience. Therefore, the appearance has its own rules, self-confidence and special note. The design approach takes count to all these achievements, treating the displayed shoes like exhibits. The restrained design character of the so-called living room, that the “wooden shoe” in the focus of attention. A balanced light concept and the specific use of wood contribute to the calm character. The used wood comes from the Woody factory itself. A holistic approach that places willow, cottonwood, swiss pine in product and retail. Even the changeability of the design reflects the abilities of this special wooden shoe. A flexibility in organising the space, which reflects the elasticity of the sole. Probably the most important note in the full score of the shoe and the Woody Store Wien.






Woody GmbH

Design Team:

Sven Wuttej, David Calas, Clemens Horvath