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Refurbishment of a Gründerzeit building and addition of a town house

Right behind the well known and visited Schönbrunn castle, smaller houses from the Viennese foundation time can be found. In a blind alley, a few of these houses form a quiet and neat ensemble. Divided by gardens, the 3 to 4 storey high buildings of the neighbourhood create a merging point between street level and recreational garden.
One of these houses will be energetically refurbished, changed in its internal spatial subdivision and extended by a town house into the garden. The latter offers a three-storey unit to keep the soil consumption at a low minimum. This creates a diverse living situation that differs from the main renovated part. Therefore, multiple lifestyles are merged into one plot, which creates a merged architectural language around a commonly used garden.






MRoom Magnolia

Design Team::

David Calas, Clemens Horvath, Sven Wuttej