This is Studio Calas.



A reinterpretation of local “Streckhöfe” typologies for a housing project in Burgenland

Villages and multilocal lifestyles became more tangible during the pandemics. Also in Burgenland near Trausdorf, where we are working on a building culture-driven housing project. Dealing with what exists in the nearby built environment, helps to understand dynamics and (almost lost) local building cultures. Therefore, we investigated the Streckhöfe typology of the region to find elements, necessities and characteristics which can be translated into a contemporary living context.
The design outline of the row house project follows the stretched living space agglomeration along with the as well stretched courtyards. This allows the ground floor area to be open and easily accessible from multiple entrances. A flexibility of space which was always the core of every Streckhof. Therefore, the “stretched court” was also able to occupy less soil, since the extension followed a linear and vertical volumetry.
While the ground floor area hosts daily living functions, the upper floor makes space for private rooms. A simple but convincing agglomeration which was entirely merged in our project. A stretched but pleasant living environment.







Design Team:

David Calas, Christian Frieß, Clemens Horvath, Sven Wuttej,